Planeta Y

is a space for artistic creation with the purpose of oxygenating the universe of independent music.

Our goals are

– To create a community that brings together lovers of good music, throughout the world, beyond the diversity of geography, genres and / or styles.
– Spread and promote creative productions that adhere to our values: quality, charisma, originality and authenticity.

Planeta Y has been created in 2019 by Yilian CaƱizares, driven by the desire to build a space to share with love and respect her own music. Our strength is our unlimited creativity.


We make music, audiovisuals, performances, give advice, produce events. We build bridges with other artistic disciplines and develop multidisciplinary projects. We create experiences where emotion and music are the protagonists.

Our desire is to expand. Planeta Y is in permanent construction and evolution. Your support and trust will allow us to make this space a planet of all.